My wife Chris and I have a great love for God and for nature. We see God's fingerprints everywhere as you would see a potter's fingerprints on their creation.

As we walk in the woods, we feel, smell and hear many things as nowhere else, We enjoy seeking the unusual and abstract forms of nature; colors, textures, shapes or shadows.

We try to capture these experiences in our images. Always beautiful or interesting, hopefully both.

We have often heard compliments that our images are different from other photographers. I believe this is because we have never been trained in the arts. We have never taken classes, read books and seldom study other artist's works. We don't know what we shouldn't do and don't know what is currently in style. So, it has become a purely personal interpretation of how the world looks like through our lens.

We also don't have much interest in the "digitially enhanced" aspect of photographic art. Because the natural world is our primary interest, we don't see any reason to change what was already so magnificently created. The natural colors, shapes and textures are so amazing and awe inspiring in their complexity and diversity.

This web site displays just a few of the images we have captured on our walks on the wild side or just in the backyard. And lately we have noticed that our lens has wandered from the natural world and started to find images of the "hand of man".

We hope this encourages you to seek the Creator in all aspects of life, from the small and insignificant things to the broad and panoramic. He is there if you seek Him.

We participate in regional art shows in Southeast PA & Southern Jersey, where we display and sell out prints. We try to keep it down to one show a month, so we are very selective on which ones to attend. We try to focus on the art shows, but we also enjoy the street festivals. To see our display and the schedule of the shows, . We would love to meet you.

Below is an interview at the Ocean City Boardwalk Art Show in August 2009. Am I always like this? Hmmm.

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