Many things in nature are insignificant and unnoticed. The closer you look, the more beauty is found.

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PICTURE 1-1 Seagulls at Sunrise


PICTURE 1-2 Vines on the Wall


PICTURE 1-3 Decaying Leaf


PICTURE 1-4 Morning Dew

Picture 1-5 Bold Fall Colors


PICTURE 1-6 Window View


PICTURE 1-7 Birdhouses


PICTURE 1-8 Dandylion

PICTURE 1-9 Reflecting Clouds


PICTURE 1-10 Glasses Galore


PICTURE 1-11 Veins in Green Leaf


PICTURE 1-12 River Walk

PICTURE 1-13 Dragonfly Wings

PICTURE 1-14 Old Rope Rigging

PICTURE 1-15 Brick Wall

PICTURE 1-16 Zoe Swinging

PICTURE 1-17 Flowers in Hallway


PICTURE 1-18 Railroad Bridge


PICTURE 1-19 Fire Escape

PICTURE 1-20 Is Anyone Home?

PICTURE 1-21 Spring Grace


PICTURE 1-22 Pollination

PICTURE 1-23 Spiral Stairs


PICTURE 1-24 Birds Eye View

PICTURE 1-25 Black Crow

PICTURE 1-26 Cloudy Moon

PICTURE 1-27 Old Ship Rigging


PICTURE 1-28 Old Church

PICTURE 1-29 Soft Pink Flowers

PICTURE 1-30 Red Sunset

PICTURE 1-31 Red Hot Rod

PICTURE 1-32 Red Snappers

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