The seashore always brings back pleasant memories. Warm, lazy days of the wind blowing your hair and the waves splashing around your ankles.
And the natural world is also a very special place at the shore. The strange crabs, seashells and fish. Birds that soar, run along the surf, or wade. A vast assortment of diversity and cooperation.

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PICTURE 6-1 Deserted Beach


PICTURE 6-2 Along for the Ride


PICTURE 6-3 Sunset on Dolphin Island


PICTURE 6-4 Crabbing Boats on the Beach

PICTURE 6-5 Breakers Beyond the Jetty


PICTURE 6-6 Yellow Bicycles


PICTURE 6-7 Egret on the Hunt


PICTURE 6-8 Shack

PICTURE 6-9 Wind Surfer

PICTURE 6-10 Waiting for the Sun


PICTURE 6-11 Reflections


PICTURE 6-12 Kayaks

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