These links are about starting and operating a web site. I am no expert, but these links have been helpful. If you are thinking about, read this info, and give it a shot. If I can do it, anyone can do it. Right?

And you can be sure they are all appropriate family oriented sites. We have personally gone to each site to check it out. We want your web surfing be fun and safe.
We are proud to have been approved by "Family Friendly Site" and "Safe Surf".

Professional easy setup web templates. We used one of their templates to build this site and we highly recommend. It was complete and ready to use. We just added our pictures, text and links. They have many different styles and prices.

Fast, affordable, reliable website hosting. This is what we use and we highly recommend. Very functional, easy to use and understand, lots of features included and reasonably priced. The best deal on the Web.
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This site contains HTML tutorials to help you learn the various aspects of HTML or Hyper text Markup Language. HTML is the basis for all web pages on the Internet. The lessons will have you create your own web pages in just a few minutes.

A great way to make money on the Web. Link to your favorite on-line stores and earn money! Many of our ads are connected through "Link Share". They provide the link code and pay the commission directly to you. Not a fly-by-night company. Check it out.

Lots of good articles with simple, factual, easy to understand information. "I make six figures online and I have no secrets. It's called hard work!"