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"If you like it, if it gives you enjoyment, if it has sentimental value, then frame it and enjoy it. Donít judge it, and donít let others judge it either. A few years ago I owned and operated three picture frame shops/art galleries. The number one question I used to get was, ďis this worth framing?Ē My answer was always, ........ "

Mat Cutting 101The best information about cutting your own mats. Written by Peter Kolonia, the text and images are perfectly clear and uncomplicated. I highly recommend that you read this.

Matting and Mounting"I was asked to do a one-session workshop on mounting, matting and framing photographs. This PDF is the notes from it. The local sources for tools and materials are, well, local but you may find the other parts helpful." A nice and very detailed article by .

"Whether to buy pre-cut mat board or buy mat board cutting equipment so you can do it yourself is a question many artists must ask themselves as they begin to need more mat board. This article offers some insight into why buying a mat board cutter isn't worth your time or money. William Boyle, REDIMAT's expert cutter, talks about the problems of cutting a mat." Of course, they are selling pre-cut mat board. But it is an interesting article.

A great source for you mat board, especially if you are buying small quantities. And they also have many other art supplies, including Logan mat cutting equipment (which is what we use to cut our matting, very nice for small jobs). The only minimum order requirement I could find, I think, you must buy a minimum of ten mat boards if the price is less than $4.99 each board, I think. But that would still be less than $50. Go to the "Framing" department. We also buy the large sheets of 30" x 40" mat board from Blick. It is hard to find anything but smaller standard size matting, unless you pay someone to cut it for you. We cut our own from the large sheets. Do you ever wonder what the frame shops do with the center cut-out portion of the mat, even though they charge you for a full sheet? Of course they use it for the next customer who wants a smaller mat.

Another source for acid-free solid and pre-cut mat board. MatDesigners is a wholesale matcutting company. Their minimum order is $75.00. Or add service charge of $7.00 for smaller orders.

Another source for acid-free solid and pre-cut mat board. Also frames, backing and polybags. Matshop is also a wholesale matcutting company. Their minimum order is $50.00. Or add service charge of $10.00 for smaller orders.

We usually buy our mat board, cut and un-cut, on e-Bay auctions. But we buy in quantity and we bid very carefully. You can get good deals if you have patience and don't go crazy. But that is always true if you deal with auctions. And watch out for shipping fees listed in the description.
We also buy the large sheets from Blick, as indicated above.

This is not something I would get involved in, but if you enjoy woodworking and need a frame, this would be for you. Rockler is a woodworking hardware and tool company, and this article lays out a great description on how to custom make frames. It includes how to pick the material, ripping and cutting rabbets, mitering, gluing and finishing. I'll bet it will look great when you are done, and it is your own creation and handiwork.

andNow that you have printed and mounted your photographs, learn how to show them off. From Home Decorators Collection.

Michaels also has some info and ideas about how to hang your art. .

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