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This is some of our favorite music.
You can pick which song you want to listen to, or just let it play random songs.
If you don't want to hear it, just hit the off button, which is a nice feature.
And you can make your own Playlist at , using other people's music.

Is it harder for a photographer to put their feelings into an image, as compared to a painter or sculpter? Is it even possible?

Are photographers just stuck with whatever subject is in front of them? What is it that makes some photographs edgy or subdued or bold or alive or soft or happy?

Painters and sculpters have a lot of freedom to present their images in any color, shade or position they want. They have it easy. They don't have to wait for the evening sunlight, for the wind to die down or a bird to face the right direction (without Photoshop help, of course).

Yet, it is exactly these kinds of things that allows a photographer to capture a feeling or a mood. Shadows, indirect lighting, cloudy overcast, billowy clouds, fog and that beautiful warm morning and evening light all bring out emotions of the viewer. Leaving the shutter open a little more than normal adds a feeling of speed.

Aren't you curious about what a different setting does to an image? Over exposed or under exposed will change it, sometimes good, often bad. But aren't you curious? And with digital cameras, all you would waste are a few electrons. Get out there and experiment.

But, I suppose that is what makes a great photograph. A simple, real life subject is shown in a way that captures our imagination and allows us to appreciate the beauty of the ordinary. Turning reality into abstract.

This site lets photographers and artists bid on supplying the perfect picture or art work for a project. Clients put up a specific image request and the artists can make offers of their relevant work and price. There are no costs to the clients or the artists. Interesting.

PictureItPostage™ lets you turn your favorite pictures into real postage. Amaze your friends and family by creating cards and letters using pictures of your family, your pet, a vacation photo, or any other treasured picture. PictureItPostage is great for holiday cards, birth announcements, birthday and wedding invitations, thank you notes, and all other mail that you want to make that much more special.

Call to Artists: Art Shows, Juried Exhibitions & Competitions for Artists.

Links to art Resources. Many sites offering artists of all the different art formats, galleries, art supplies, dealers, publications, schools and workshops.

This is a place for Christian photographers to get together as a community. The fellowship includes chat, prayer requests, a morning devotional, Christian world view, a Bible study, Missionary Corner, and personal testimonies. There is also some about photography technique, Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro and a photo gallery.

"The new Coby DP-769 7-inch digital picture frame blends traditional functionality with today’s technology and design. Enjoy pictures, music, and movies and capture your most precious moments with family and friends in a new vivid and engaging way.
The contemporary acrylic design offers a crisp 16:9 aspect ratio for your viewing pleasure, and interchangeable faceplates and a detachable stand make it simple to present the frame how and where you'd like. A remote control is also included, allowing you to navigate the frame from your couch or office chair.
Plus, you can now free up your hard drive: the Coby frame supports a variety of media formats, including JPEG, MP3, WMA, AVI, MPG and XviD. Additionally, it's compatible with SD, xD, CF, MS and MS Duo memory formats. With the widespread use of digital cameras, camcorders, and camera phones, the Coby DP-769 is the perfect way to store and share all of your special moments captured in digital media format.
Includes AC power adapter, USB cable, detachable stand, two interchangeable faceplates (black and white), and remote control."
We have an older version of another brand of one of these. They are a lot of fun. We upload our family digital pictures onto a memory card and the pictures show on the screen as a slideshow. Real nice item in the living room. Everyone loves to see themselves. And this one has a larger screen, a remote control and music. Wow.

In 1993 a survey was taken of over 1,000 families. They were asked one question:
"If your home was on fire, and you had time to save only one non-living thing, what would it be?"
Over 90% of the respondents replied: "The family photographs."

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