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This is some of our favorite music.
You can pick which song you want to listen to, or just let it play random songs.
If you don't want to hear it, just hit the off button, which is a nice feature.
And you can make your own Playlist at , using other people's music.


Play "Feed my Furby" on-line, discover the Furby story, and print coloring sheets.

Make your own virtual pet, with many games.

Puzzles and games galore with Time Warp Trio, Strange Days at Blake Holsey High, and Trading Spaces Boys vs. Girls.

Decorate your own room, pick an outfit, and the game room.

Play Jewel Hunt, Groovy Lagoon, Polly Mall, Fab-tastic Garden, Polly World Park, Drive 'n Style and Glamour Mansion.

Track Builder, Air Jump, Speed Trial, and tons of other games. (I was challenged on the one I played)

Games and stories with Jakers, Zoom, Sesame Street, Maya and Miguel, Clifford and more.

Games and stories with Dora, Blues Clues, Lazy Town, Diego, Back Yard Again, and more.

Games and stories with Tiny Planet, Connie the Cow, 64 Zoo Lane, Jack's Big Music Show and more.

Great graphics and relevant stories, Jeremiah has always been a great cartoon for teens.


I love scavenger hunts. You get a list of things to find, you run around like crazy people, and the first one back with everything wins. And the harder it is to find things, the more fun it is because it takes more time and more searching. This one is a little different!

I started to make a nature scavenger hunt that will give you something to do, it will get you outdoors, give you some exercise, get you away from the video games, get you out into nature having fun. And you might learn what those trees and bugs are named. But then I realized my original idea was to pull off tree leaves, pick off wild flowers and probably hurt some bugs or animals. That is the last thing I want you to do. We are supposed to take care of nature, not destroy it.

So then I came up with a scavenger hunt where you could make sketches of the items you found with paper and pencil, colors included. That is better way to have a nature scavenger hunt than picking the flowers, and I encourage you to do it this way. But people could cheat by not really finding the item and not everyone is a good sketcher. No one would recognize my oak leaf drawing. But you could still have a lot of fun doing it that way.

Another variation of this nature scavenger hunt is to use digital cameras. Instead of capturing animals or breaking off leaves or flowers, you capture the images. That is actually harder than it sounds. I am a nature photographer, so I know what it takes to get close enough to get an image of these things. But it really is a lot of fun.

In all of these hunts, it is not enough to just find a leaf or a bug. It is more fun if you actually identify what the specific plant or aninmal is. Sometimes that is very hard. And it will probably require a trip to the library or the internet. I have taken photographs of butterflies, and then spent days trying to identily what it is. Once I thought it was a butterfly, when it was really a moth. But you can learn so much more about nature if you take this ectra effort to identify what you find.

Stop! Be sure you have permission to use the camera before you take it. Some cameras are very expensive, and you don't need to get into any more trouble. Ask first!

So, now that you have your pencil and pad, or a digital camera, go out and see how many of these you can find. The scoring is as follows:
-Different types of trees. You must find leaves and/or bark to identify them. Bushes don't count. One point for each different identified tree.
-Different types of wild flowers. You must find one flower of each type. Garden cultivated flowers do not count. We are talking about weeds; beautiful weeds. One point for each different identified wild flower.
-Different types of rocks. Not just different pieces of rocks, but different types of rock. This may be harder than you think. Particulary because you have to identify the type of each rock. One point for each different identified rock.
-Different types of insects. The insects must be alive, and they must not be harmed. You don't really have to catch them, just capture the image. Now, the real fun begins. Two points for each different identified insect.
-Different types of identified reptiles and amphibians. Of course, these must be alive. Pets don't count. You must find them outdoors. This may include getting wet or turning over rocks. Be sure to put the rocks back where you found them. It is someone's home. Five points for each different identified animal.
-Different types of birds, mammals and fish. Again, pets don't count. Now it is getting like a big game safari. Ten points for each different identified animal.

You also get double points if you are the only one who finds that specific item. So it is worth looking far and wide.

If you find a plant or animal you can't correctly identify, maybe you can get half the points. After all, you worked have to find those rocks. But, a little knowledge goes a long way in understanding nature.

You can decide on the time limit. It could be one day, or one week, one trip or the whole summer. The longer the time is, the more you can explore and find. The trick to winning this scavanger hunt is having the most different types of plants and bugs.

In all of these, you must know what each item is, what it is called. As I said above, you will probably need a nature field manual to identify some things you find, and these are at the library. I am always photgraphing strange bugs, plants or critters and have to spend time figuring out what they are. It ain't easy.

Now, get your friends and brothers and sisters together, make up your own rules and have a blast discovering nature.

These puzzles are made from our own nature photographs. And the puzzles are really hard. But you can click on "change cut" and go from the 48 pieces to 20 to make it easier and more fun.

An amazing picture list of many crafts to make. They are very detailed and illustrated. I'm ready to get the glue. This is also on the San Diego Zoo site.

Lots and lots of games and activities about underwater life. And, another page at with games, coloring pages, other animal type fun things. From the Monterey Aquarium.

Are you interested in nature and wild life? JungleWalk is the site for wild life lovers which will give you quick access to: Animal Sound Clips, Animal Video Clips, Animal Information, and Animal Information.
The site is a little hard to use. And sometimes the pages don't open right. But there is still lots of interesting and fun stuff, especially if you like animals. I liked the videos.

Animal games and puzzles.

Mostly the basic games, but two I haven't seen. Checkers and Word Search. Also has Jigsaw Puzzles, Mazes and a Memory game. I won the checkers game !

A virtual pet site. Lots of games. I really don't get it. Another generation. You have to sign up with an e-mail address. Seems OK.

Several activities pages from the famous magazine, with an emphasis of learning about nature.

Drew's Animals is a Christian children's site. They have animal photos, tic tac toe, checkers, printable coloring pages, addition & multiplication matching games, counting & coloring worksheets, crosswords, Bible verses, dino hunt, online paper doll, and other challenging games.

Adventures in the rainforest! Learn about the Creator of the universe by exploring His marvelous creation. Fun for the whole family with games, activities, stories, answers to children's questions, color pages, and more!

This is the National Park Serviceís site for kids of all ages. If you love our National Parks, Monuments and Historic Sites, this site is for you. If you are new to our National Parks, we hope this site helps you experience how wonderful they can be. As a WebRanger you will have one important job: to have fun while learning new things. You will solve mysteries and puzzles, play games, take part in stories, and gather secret words.

Games, activities, printable pages, and information about wildlife, science and nature, energy and environmental issues.

EekoWorld is designed to help children between the ages of 6 and 9 learn about the important role they can play in taking care of the earth. The site features an engaging and interactive format that invites children to explore, experiment, and collaborate as they learn about conservation and the environment.

Find out how NASA uses satellites to study the earth's air, land, water, and natural hazards. Includes cool games, stories and activities.

Games and stories about how kids can be defenders of wildlife.

Click here to go to our Nature Links page. This has cool Live Animal Web Cams and more info about Animals, Birds, Bugs, Reptiles and Wild Flowers.

Click here to go to our Outdoor Recreational Activities page. This has more info on Birdwatching, Fishing, Hunting and other outdoor activities.

This is a kid-safe search engine, that will allow you to get info on the web, and it filters out the bad stuff. Mom will love it.


This story about the amazing Giraffe is unbelievable, except it is true. God must have had fun making this animal.

Billy thinks that dinosaurs became extinct millions of years before humans existed. Can you help Digger Doug find the evidence that proves the scientists wrong?

These games were designed to develope your scientific interests. This site is from the Girl Scouts but I am sure guys will find them interesting, also. The games are: Cryptic Codes (secret message decoding), The World Around Us (a mandala maker), Think About Thinking (brain teasers) and The Sounds of Music (composing digital music).

An interactive, multimedia dinosaur Web site complete with games and more. Fun and educational for the whole family.

A teen page to "Know Him Online". Looks like the kids took over.

Words of Wisdom from - Click above to add WOW to your page


The Goldfish Bowl

A kids crafts website that focuses on teaching children to use recyclable materials to make fun crafts and science projects.

There are several easy to read stories about a couple of young mice named Sally and Sam. They are very curious and love to explore. You can turn the music off while on this site.

Many well writen stories that will keep you interested until the end. Includes: A Very Strange Thing Happened to Bobbin Rubot, The Adventures of Molly and Ho Ho on the Moon Balloons, Arabian Nights, Charlie the Moth, The Dragons in Mom's Purse and lots more.

"Boris is a little black cat starting his walk with God. Boris learns that with prayer and faith in God, he can face all challenges."

Each of these stories contains a retelling of a Bible story (so we can understand it better), a special lesson to remember, a Scripture memory verse, a prayer, where the story can be found in the Bible, and sometimes activities, crafts, and songs to go along with the story.

"God is alive and well, and this is what He has been up to." Lots and lots of Bible stories, with great illustrations. A fun place to read.

Jesus used easy to understand stories to tell the truths about God to everyone. It is only fitting that they use Christian children's stories to tell the truth the same way! (Kenny and the watermelon seed?)

"All of the stories found here are TRUE and all the people were real people in history. These stories come from the Bible, God's word, which is full of stories about great men and women of faith that God called upon from time to time to be witnesses for him. Men like David and Gideon and women like Esther were called to be Heros of the Faith!" The stories are shown in comic strip style.

Lively dramatic audio stories as told on the radio broadcasts on Salem Communications. Paws and Tales, Karen and Kids, Adventures in Odyssey and Down Gilead Lane. After you get to the site, look for "Features" and then the "Audio" section.

"These kids' short stories have music, special effects and graphics for illustration." They all have a lesson to be learned.

Christianity Today has a section for Christian Teens, called Ignite Your Faith. It has , , , , , . Really well written and thought out articles, not for little kids.

This is a fantasy cartoon with a story. A long story. I didn't have enough time to finish it. This one is way out there, just the kind of thing kids like.
I fixed this so that it works now.

"Can you imagine what it would be like to be chased by a ferocious pack of raptors? Scared yet?" This is a Christian tract and it explains why you shouldn't have to be afraid of anything, even raptors.

provided by









If you like to make things, then you will go bananas on this site. They have "Paper, Paste and Paint Crafts"; "Recycling Crafts" using old junk; "Fun Foam Projects"; "Nature Crafts"; "Homemade Gifts"; and "Party Games". Wow, this will keep you busy for a while.

"Fun, educational activities that challenge the mind, encourage creativity, help with problem solving, stimulate memory development, enhance dexterity, stimulate lateral thinking... In an environment perfectly adapted to young children's needs."

These are not easy but great puzzles. I was real challenged at 56 pieces, but you can start at 6 pieces and work up. I had fun for fifteen minutes, but it doesn't take much to entertain me.

Many games, puzzles and activities featuring those Disney cartoon characters.

Biblioman has collected a number of his favorite games together for you to have fun with.

This one has so many things, I thought of breaking it up. Stories, poems, activities, music, coloring, games, jokes and safety. Wow.

This is the "official" VeggieTales site. Arcade, activities, stories and downloads. You know this one is fun.

This is the "official" 3-2-1 Penguins site. Arcade, activities, stories and downloads. Crazy fun.

So, you think you could spice up your image with a little humor? This is the place. There are sites that will show you what it takes to be super silly, goofy, laughable, hysterical, a real comedian. But you have to admit that some people will never be funny, hopelessly dull, even if they fell flat on their face in a mud puddle. Actually, I think these websites are dead serious about humor. Hmmmm.

This was listed as the most irritating site on the web. Music, games, and even information about how to take care of the little critters. But it is all about the music.

Lots and lots of games, picked by kids for kids. Kids are actually running this web site.

This site has some of the classic games and some other new ones: Breakout, Connect Four, Tetris, Asteroids, Catch the Gopher, Werms, Lunar Lander, Math Games, Jigsaw Puzzles and more.

Some of the classic games: Battleship, Minesweep, Pong, Tic-Tac-Toe, Connect-4, more.

The Crazy Tie Guy wants to teach you how to juggle. He starts with one ball, then two, then three. Then he shows some fancy tricks. I am pretty good at one ball, no tricks. He also has some magic type tricks. It looks like almost anyone could do these, with some practice, and you could have some fun impressing your friends, too.

Funny number tricks, magic and information about numbers and mathematics. Even learn multiplication.

Silly GamesA couple of silly simple games, "Watch Out " and "Bugs". This is my speed.

A large group of very interesting games. The format is animee, unusual and beautiful.

Lots and lots of stuff here with amazing graphics, includes: games, sports, action, family and strategy. It also has irritating popup advertising.

Philadelphia Eagles Kids. The site for kids who are NFL Eagles fans, "where kids become part of the team". Of course, everyone is an Eagles fan. The site has games, videos, Eagles news, a calendar and more. With over 10,000 members (the largest in the NFL), the Eagles Kids Club is growing by the day.

If you are into sports, you will really enjoy .
"From Boston to Bombay and Seattle to Sao Paulo, sports fans are spellbound by the incredible feats of todays athletes. is comitted to bringing you their stories in their own words."
They have articles about many different sports, not just the most popular ones. And the stories are from all around the world. You will find out why these great atheletes are different.

This is "Cartoon of the Day." Visit every day to read a different comic from cartoonist Ron Wheeler.

" is the best place on the Web to find things to do. Not just while youíre sitting at the computer, but anywhere. Things to do by yourself or with your friends, your parents, your pets, anyone. Weíll teach you a million and one ways to make things, explore the world, and discover skills you never knew you had. Itís one place where youíll never be bored!"

If you have a web page or a blog and you would like a nice banner to link back to this page, which will look like the banner below, you can cut and paste the html code below that is this color and put it on your page. By the way, that is my grand-daughter Alsatia in the picture.
And if you are interested in more beautiful, colorful and interesting banners which link to our nature photography gallery, .

<!-- Begin kids page link code --><div align="center"><a href="" target="_top"><IMG SRC="" width="468" height="60" border=0></a></div><!-- End kids page link code -->

And if you are interested in some basic info about making a web page, check out . This site contains HTML tutorials to help you learn the various aspects of HTML or Hyper Text Markup Language. HTML is the basis for all web pages on the Internet. The lessons will have you create your own web pages in just a few minutes. It is easy, but takes a lot of time to make it nice and even more time to make it interesting.

DRESS UP GAMES (On-line paper doll games, but better than paper dolls)
All right, don't give me that look.

"Barbie helps you create your own fashion design, try on clothes, and get a whole new look."

"Help Angelina fulfill her dream of becoming a ballerina! Create your own show by selecting a costume, practicing the moves with Miss Lilly, choosing the music, designing the stage, and choreographing a dance routine."

On this site, you dress up a bear, then you start him dancing. And you control his dance steps and the music.

Who would believe there are so many different dress up games and web sites. Homes, animals, boys, cartoons, celebrities, faces, fashion, funny, girls, make overs, movies and TV, real people and more. And there are many sites under each category. Wow.


This is a really cool . They show you magic tricks, how to make a battery with your tongue, make noises with your body (like that's hard?) and lots of other scientific secrets. It's a lot of fun, and you might learn something by mistake.

Did you ever think how cool it would be to be a Zookeeper? "Here are some suggestions that provide detailed information on what zoo careers entail, and how to prepare for them." Sounds like fun and hard work.

To view the Earth from a satelite in space, looking down on a given point, pick a city or enter the latitude, longitude, and altitude of the viewing point.

This site is really different. It seems fun and educational at the same time. Learn about animals with stories, pictures and games.

This site is for ages 9 to 14 and features the latest and greatest in science information that would interest kids. there is hands-on activities, science projects and labs, sci-fi, games and puzzles, and lots and lots of articles.

Answers to questions kids have about birds, like: How do birds fly?; Where do birds go at night?; How do birds know where to go when they migrate?; How do birds stay warm in the winter?

What to do if you find an injured animal or a baby animal. It may not be what everyone has told you.

This is too cute!
Who doesn't love little baby animals?
These are pictures of newborn animals at zoos all around the country.
Check and see if the zoo near you has any pictures.
This is really nice.

Lots of fun and interesting nature-oriented things to do in your backyard.

Another site with a great list of things to do which will help you appreciate and understand things of nature. Lots of fun ideas for both Winter and Summer. "Go on a hibernating bug hunt"???

This site aims to help you really see insects for the miniature marvels they represent and to understand how intertwined our cultures have become with these alien creatures. Great graphics.

Have fun raising those beautiful insects. You can buy kits with everything you need, but if you are more adventurous and energetic, you can do it yourself. The article tells you where to look for butterfly eggs, how to raise the caterpillars and what to keep them in. An old jar still works. Lots of fun in the summertime.

Click here to go to our Nature Links page. This has cool Live Animal Web Cams and more info about Animals, Birds, Bugs, Reptiles and Wild Flowers.

Click here to go to our Outdoor Recreational Activities page. This has more info on Birdwatching, Fishing, Hunting and other outdoor activities.

A popular destination for teenagers. Have fun and learn. Get answers to your questions about life and much more.


WiredSafety Logo What is right and what is wrong about ? Is there a right way and a wrong way? Here are the answers.

Do you need some ?Free and legal downloads of praise and worship songs by the Gracies Cafe Band from Seattle WA. Listen to and/or download their top praise songs complete with lyrics and guitar cords, which are also downloadable. This seems like a musicians site.

Can music lead a person to the ocult or even toward God? Are there beats or styles of music that have negative influences, or are the lyrics and themes more influencial?
This article and the whole web site is written by and about witchcraft and the ocult in general. That is, ex-witches who became Christians. They have a ministry to lead witches to new freedom in Christ and also to teach Christians about the actual beliefs and rituals of witches. There are many things about witches that I didn't know and some that I thought I knew but where wrong. This is very interesting and important info for our Christian faith.
But is about music. Is the music you listen to going to change the future of your life? Check out the article.
Actually, you already know the answer to these questions because you have heard the music and the lyrics. Here are two pages, one with and the other is an . Music will influence, for the positive or the negative. Pick the one you want to live with.

This on-line radio station is an example of music with the current music styles and beat, but with positive lyrics. This is the good stuff. I personally like a lot of this music, but I am a little picky with my favorite groups.

"This is where you go in the digital domain to find out what's NEXT. It's not about the same ten songs you hear every hour on other corporate-run radio stations and video channels. The music we play is different. It's the stuff THEY don't play."

"This website has the largest collection of free christian music on the web. The music on the site, MP3's, chord charts, sheet music, lyrics, midi... are offered freely with full permission from the copyright holders. You can download Christian music to use with your worship team or just listen and Praise the Lord! It's all free and legal."
This music is from new, up-and-coming artists, or just wanna-bes. It's not all good, but I quickly found a few nice tunes. It is worth exploring.

, more Free and legal MP3 downloads,"This is a quality Christian music site...and every last one of the music downloads we offer are completely free and totally legal! We're so confident that you'll love this music that we're offering a "double your money back guarantee...!!" (rimshot)"
This site didn't have a lot of music, but they claim is is "quality" music. I downloaded a Jars of Clay tune.

I have always wanted to learn to play the guitar. I always say that I will learn the guitar when I get a lot of spare time. What a bunch of baloney !!! If I really wanted to do it, I already would have done it.

But you are different. You have natural music ability, very high intelligence and really want to meet the chicks. You know how good you would look with a guitar in your hands. You might even have an old guitar in your house, left over from someone else who wanted to learn to play.

So now you are ready to start, but can't afford lessons and you are too shy to ask for help from one of the cool kids who are already in a band. Well, of course, the internet has all of the information on-line.
Here are a few:
There are a slew of beginner lessons on .
And more at .
And then this site shows you how to . I guess there are different techniques which produce different sounds or rhythms. And also, the . "Perfect practice makes perfect."
There is a nice . This guy explains all of the beginner basic on a video in a method that is great for kids (and slow adults like me). He is very good. And the info is specifically for kids.
There is lots of free guitar lessons at .

On , they had an interesting paragraph about music. "People respond to the three basic elements of music in this order: rhythm, melody then harmony. Firstly, rhythm - if we donít like the rhythm of a piece of music our interest in that music stops there. Secondly, melody - the melody is the tune of the particular piece of music, itís the part we hum or whistle. Thirdly, is the harmony - this is where chords come into the picture and the vast majority of people have difficulty with this aspect of music." Interesting. I thought it was all about the chords.

A nice web site for guitar lessons is at The main purpose for this site is to sell you guitar lessons. But if you are jst messing around, they have some free video lessons. There are beginner lessons for Acoustic, Electric and the Kids lesson I mentioned above. There are gendres; Rock, Fingerstyle, Metal, Bluegrass, Hawaiian, and Jazz. specific songs lessons of Iron Maiden, The Trooper; AC/DC, Back in Black;, Black Crowes, She Talks to Angels; and an advanced Star Spangled Banner, like Jimi Hendricks. I know, these aren't Sunday School songs. But I will put those on the site when I find them.

There is a new album out called "CompassionArt, Creating Freedom From Poverty". It was written by and performed by a lot of the top Christian musicians, with the proceeds going to help people in need, to make a difference.
They also offer the music free in . Of course you have to be able to read the music, but it is available free. And the songs are really good.

Don't ever let people tell you you can't do something (unless it is bad for you or could harm you, of course). Don't let your looks, or your clothes, or your social class, or your ethnic background, or your age; don't let anything deter your dreams.
Susan Boyle is a great example of a person who could have given up. I am sure lots of people told her she would never be on TV, never succcessful. She doesn't look like much. Her clothes are not stylish. She is a little old. She is not smooth with speech, even a little weird.
She appeared on Britian's Got Talent. The crowd laughed. Simon made negative comments. But when she began to sing, when she finally had her chance to live her dream, everyone changed their mind.
If you have never seen , you must watch it. You will have to pause the other background music, at the top of the page. I love to watch this video over and over. It is very inspiring.


Our dog Molly, who is pictured here, is the cutest dog in the world.
But is a close runner up. They think he is "the cutest dog in the universe". No way. He just has a better agent and his own web site.

"The official definition of the 'rebelution' is 'a teenage rebellion against the low expectations of an ungodly culture.' When you look around today, in terms of godly character and practical competence, our culture does not expect much of us young people. We are not only expected to do very little that is wise or good, but we're expected to do the opposite. Our media-saturated youth culture is constantly reinforcing lower and lower standards and expectations."
"The word 'rebelution' is a combination of the words 'rebellion' and 'revolution.' So it carries a sense of an uprising against social norms. But in this case, it's not a rebellion against God-established authority, but against the low expectations of our society. It's a refusal to be defined by our ungodly, rebellious culture. Actually, we like to think of it as rebelling against rebellion."

Sound interesting? The above quote is from (on the right side and down a bit). Written by guys and gals, they explain what it means for them personally.
Very inspiring, even for us old folk.

Have you ever been interested in learning sign language for the deaf? It is supposed to be the fourth most spoken language in the United States. The web site at offers "comprehensive American Sign Language (ASL) online dictionary and lessons, including: Baby Sign, International Sign, Emoticon + Bodicon (facial expression + body language), gestures, manual alphabet and numeral, Sign stories and arts."

Keeping with the idea of learning Sign Language for the Deaf, offers a series of 45 lessons to learn sign language. It looks like this these are only for people who are very serious about learning to effectively communicating, not just a few expresions.
Here is a page that allows you to type in a word and it shows you a hand which goes through the for that word. This is not easy stuff, but like learning a new language, in English.
And here is a nice chart showing the for the Fingerspelling alphabet.
And if you are really commited to learning sign, offers three week summer courses. They cost around $500 and the school is in Washington DC, but it is the best because you would be totally emmersed in the deaf world, which is the best way to learn any language. That takes a lot of commitment, but if you have deaf friends it would really mean a lot to them. Look on the web site under Admissions and then Summer Programs.

This is a great web site created by 12 year old Mimi Ausland. You may have seen the article in People magazine. Her love for animals and her desire to help feed strays at animal shelters motivated her to get a sponsor the pay for the food. All we have to do is go on the site and answer a pet trivia question. (No, I usually answer the question wrong.) And you can do this every day, which gets more food for the animal shelters. This is really cool and says a lot about what 12 year olds can do.

"SIKIDS.COM is the online counterpart to Sports Illustrated For Kids magazine. The site changes from day to day, and even from minute to minute, but our goal stays the same: We aim to create a fun, safe environment for kids, filled with some of the best news, games, and interactive features on the internet. If it's not cool, it's not on our site."

"Are you ready... To be responsible? To work with families who might be different from your own? To start a business that allows you to determine your own fees and collect them?
If you said "yes" to these questions, then you are ready to participate in A Guide to the Business of Babysitting. The purpose of this guide is to prepare potential babysitters, young people ages 14-19, with the knowledge & skills necessary to care for children.

These guys are strange. Most of their site is serious Bible study and commentary. And then they have these humorous and satirical pages about Christianity. As they say, "Christianity On The Edge".

Wallpaper for your computer homepage, great graphics. Features pictures of athletes, like Shaun Alexander, Drew Brees, Jamery Carroll, Russ Ortiz, Sophia Young, Tynesha Lewis, Allyson Felix, Brian Roberts, Roger Powell Jr and other members of Fellowship of Christian Athletes.

If you are a kid interested in photography, this is a site for you. Written specifically for kids, it has a series of 16 lessons which take you through the equipment, what to look for, what the settings mean, and how to take fun pictures (but not like Dad's).

Click here to go to our Pet Info page. There is tons of information about your pet; especially Dogs, Cats, Horses, Tropical Fish, Pet Birds, Turtles, Hamsters, Reptiles, Rabbits and lots more. There is info on how to take care of the pet, how to find and pick the right pet, how to play with the pet and more. The more you know, the more fun a pet is.

A kid's guide to dog care. I like the pages which show how to train your dog to do tricks or be obedient. You can even add your own dog pictures and write stories about your dog. Very nice.

This is a nice site that has . They show how to teach tricks, how to take care of a dog, and info about breeds.

The Christian alternative to MySpace. You have heard the stories about what goes on at MySpace. But this is much better and there are nice people who share your Faith. Check me out, my name on Xianz is Doug (of course). But there are cooler people than me there, with chat "Shout Out", your own blog and that stuff I just don't get. But you do. Check it out.


When you have to talk to someone, call one of these toll-free hotlines. Anonymous, you don't have to reveal your identity. They are trained and understand your problem, and they want to help you.

Depression and Suicide 800-784-2433
Drug Abuse 800-662-4357
Overdose 800-222-1222
Runaways 800-786-2929
Family Violence 800-799-7233
Rape or Incest 800-656-4673
Eating Disorders 800-931-2237
School Shootings 866-773-2587 (If you heard something is being planned)
Any Issue 800-448-3000 (Girls and Boys Town)
Any Issue 800-999-9999 (Covenant House)

Don't put it off. It won't just go away. It is best if you just talk to someone who understands what you are going through and truely wants to help you. Just make one call and see what happens. Be a hero.

A small note of warning: These phone numbers are free, but they will show up on your home phone bill. If you are worried about someone at home finding out that you made the call, you might want to call from a pay phone or from a friends phone. Again, be safe.

Your friends won't tell you everything. Learn the facts.
"No one has the right to abuse you, you don't deserve to be abused..... Call 1-800-422-4453 to talk to a counselor.

This is not for little kids. There is no blood or nasty pictures, but it is scary. If you have ever done texting or even talking on the phone while driving, this should stop that forever.
Again, thias is not entertainment, but young drivers should watch it.

and then click on the picture of the young man, Scott. The story is riveting, sad, an eye opener. Maybe life changing.


An adventure in internet safety. It is actually a Disney site game, and you have to win five jewels to get to the treasure.

A fun web site, and it has a list of things to do so you will not get in trouble on the internet. It is not animated.


This cartoon animation will show and explain how to know for sure if you will go to heaven.