Pets are so very interesting and become an important part of our households. Learning as much as you can about your pet will keep them healthy and happy.
You will find info on pets, dogs, cats, birds, tropical fish, reptiles, small mammals, including special care needs, breeders and much more.
I hope you will notice that we really love our pets.

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Many topics covered for dog health, from the American Vet Medical Association.

Many, many articles: breeds, behavior, health problems, human-animal bond, nutrition, care.

Several unusual care articles: Top 10 Essentials; Choosing a Trainer; Problems with chaining dogs; Preventing and avoiding dog bites; Why dogs and pick-up trucks don't mix.

Our dog Molly, who is pictured here, is the cutest dog in the world.
But is a close runner up. They think he is "the cutest dog in the universe". No way. He just has a better agent and his own web site.

"Obedience training will make life more enjoyable for both you and your dog. Fido will feel more confident without the frustration and confusion of misunderstanding his owner. You will have a well-behaved dog that sits to greet you and comes when called." Also has an interesting page.

"Housebreaking is the most indispensable thing your puppy must learn. Common sense should tell you why housebreaking your puppy is necessary." Hmmm. Yes, we do know that "necessity". This is advice from a Veterinarian. There is also a page of , health problems answered by a Vet. From Free-Online-Veternarian-Advice.

Several great behavior articles from The Humane Society: House training; Barking; Chewing; Digging; Aggression; Escaping; Training.

You can play a vital role, by petting, talking, and playing with puppy to help him develop good "people skills".

A hugh list of dog breeds and breeders with puppies.


Take care of these ten essentials, and you'll be guaranteed to develop a rewarding relationship with your feline companion.

Many topics covered for cat health, from the American Vet Medical Association.

Lots of articles which answer questions you would ask a Veternarian. Such as: My Cat is Vomitting; My Cat is Limping; My Cat ate something Poisonous; My Cat is Scratching. And more answers for , health problems answered by a Vet. From Free-Online-Veternarian-Advice.

Many, many articles: breeds, behavior, health problems, human-animal bond, nutrition, care.

A huge list of cat breeds and breeders with kittens.

Health, raising cats, training cats, toys, cat behaviour.

Free-roaming cats kill millions of wild animals each year. Studies show that most of the animals killed are small mammals such as chipmunks and field mice, and approximately 25% are birds. Well-fed house cats kill wildlife because of their instinct to hunt prey, not because they need the food.


Many topics covered for horse health, from the American Vet Medical Association.

A nice guide to health and care of horses. It includes: Buying a Horse; Care for the Horse; Feeding; Grooming; Stables; Riding, CAMPING. From Online-Veternarian-Advice.

There is a mixture of joy and a responsibility of caring for your equine companion for life. Here are some general guidelines for caring for your horse.

You will find information about trails, horse campgrounds, overnight stay facilities, and bed & breakfasts; including ratings of horse trails and campgrounds and trail-specific weather forecasts.


"When I first became a fishkeeper and started off my aquarium, I was shocked. Quite literally, stunned by the amount of information, maintenance and perseverance needed to start off a successful freshwater tank. It is hard. It is harder when all the fish bloody die, but honestly it is worth it, and I well tell you why."

Freshwater aquarium fish are beautiful, relaxing, and fun to learn about. No matter how long you have been in this hobby, there is always something new to learn and try out. One of the biggest problems is always wanting more fish!
This site has some very important goals:
To show you how to create a happy healthy environment for your freshwater aquarium fish that is much like Mother nature.
To burst some long-standing myths about keeping freshwater fish.
To show you how to NOT spend money on needless equipment and medication, that the fish store employee WILL try to sell you. This way you have MORE money to spend on FISH.
To be a guide, or a “Bible” you can refer back to no matter how experienced you become.
To be a source of reference for all the information and products you will ever need on the Internet.

Having an aquarium with crystal clear water is every hobbyist's goal. It can be done with chemicals, but it is better done the natural way. Article includes: Changing water, Temperature changes, Feeding, Vacuuming, Filters, and reasons for cloudy tanks. What you need to know.

The most important step to success in keeping a saltwater aquarium is the acclimation of your new aquarium friends. highly recommends you follow our drip method procedure. With the proper acclimation you will find your new friends adjust much better and live a lot longer.
This site also has the most amazing stock of saltwater fish available. Includes fish, invertebrate, and coral. And they have interesting Reef" packages.

An interesting concept. They have short videos for over 100 fish. It makes identifying the fish easy, and lets you see how the fish might fit in with your aquarium, before you take one home. It is worth a look. They also offer a large inventory of fish by mail.

Live web-cam of someone's home tropical fish tank. Actually, it is very nice.

Everything you need for freshwater and salt water aquariums.

Overcrowding, cleaning, gadgets for the tank, feeding, stress.

Selecting, feeding, tank setup, testing water.

Tropical Fish Hobbyist has been the leading source of information on aquariums and aquarium fishes for over 50 years. We believe aquariums should be fun for the whole family and do our best to provide you with the most accurate information so you can maintain your home aquariums successfully.

The on-line version of the magazine. I tried to open articles, but it wouldn't let, and didn't tell me why. Maybe you have to have a subscription to the magazine first, but it didn't indicate that. ???

The Encyclopedia of Exotic Tropical Fishes for Freshwater Aquariums is an inspiring resource. The book is separated into two sections, with the first part encompassing six chapters of both general and specific fishkeeping information and the second part offering detailed profiles of 1000 freshwater species. All fish enthusiasts will appreciate the down-to-earth writing style and superb images by some of the world’s top photographers. This practical reference also features anatomical drawings, multiple tip boxes, and over 2800 full-color photographs.

The More You Know About Your Fish...the better equipped you will be to care for them. Tropical Fishlopaedia gives advice and guidance on all aspects of fishkeeping, including choosing and buying compatible species; fish body language; nutrition; breeding; lighting, water, and decor; aquarium maintenance; identifying and treating disease; and much, much more. The easy-to-use What If? section answers all your questions and concerns, giving in-depth information on a whole range of problems, such as: What if my fish swims at an odd angle? What if my fish has jumped out of the tank? What if my fish has spots? What if my fish hides? What if my fish won't eat? What if my fish clamps its fins? Whatever your question, Tropical Fishlopaedia has the answer.

Aquarium Designs Inspired by Nature. This lavishly photo-filled volume demonstrates that having an aquarium to be proud of means much more than keeping fish in a glass tank. The aquarium enthusiast who takes his hobby seriously reproduces a part of the aquatic natural environment in miniature inside his home. Author Peter Hiscock offers practical instructions on setting up a freshwater tropical aquarium. He describes substrate, aquarium plants, and appropriate combinations of fish. Much of this book focuses on fish and plant life in nature, and then offers details on replicating natural settings in the aquarium. Both plants and fish varieties are shown in vivid color photos and described in detail. More than 450 color photos and illustrations.


General information on the care on pet birds: selection, cages, room temperature.

General information on the care on pet birds: cage setup, diet, cleaning, care, clipping, play.

Even though they are small and caged, birds still require a great deal of care and attention. They are complex creatures, and if you take good care of your own bird, you will have the opportunity to see what unique pets they are.

A nice series of articles with specific info for , , , , and .This is from the site. Interesting and worth reading before you buy a bird.


All Turtles is filled with important information on how to properly care for your pet turtle whether your turtle is a water turtle or a land turtle.

Everything about those amazing turtles.

A website covering the basics of pet turtle selection and care. If they are properly cared for, turtles can live for many decades.

Beware -- keeping turtles as pets can be a complicated responsibility. Before you bring that shelled cutie home, be sure to do your homework, or you and the turtle may suffer.

An amazing assortment of live pet turtles available.

This was listed as the most irritating site on the web. But they have information about how to take care of the little critters. Read that inportant stuff first, then you just have to click on the Hamster Classics. That's the irratating part. But it is funny for a minute.

This is too cute!
Who doesn't love little baby animals?
These are pictures of newborn animals at zoos all around the country.
Check and see if the zoo near you has any pictures.
This is really nice.

Specific articles on rabbits, ferrets, rats, mice, hamsters, gerbils, iguanas, turtles, reptiles and others.

Advice on caring for pets such as rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets, or hamsters.


e-Books on pet subjects.

Whether you're looking for general pet-care guidelines, hints on finding pet-friendly rental housing, information on the importance of spaying or neutering, or advice on coping with the death of your beloved companion, you've come to the right place.
Their pet-care information will help you develop and maintain a long and rewarding relationship with your animal companion.

Info on pet care, ranging from common pets to the unique.

A national listing of pet sitters and kennels.

Just what the doctor ordered. Use as a second opinion.

Find a veterinary hospital near you or nearly anywhere you want to go! From the American Animal Hospital Assn.

Spay or neuter surgery carries a one-time cost that is relatively small when one considers its benefits. It's a small price to pay for the health of your pet and the prevention of more unwanted animals.

Animal Breed Zip Code

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Dogs, cats, horses, small mammals, reptiles, pot belly pigs.

Freebies and coupons.

This is the season for fleas and ticks. So stock up and get great discounts.

A great site that offers inspirational quotations, e-mailed to you each day. They will lift you up and get you moving. We enjoy this one daily, also.

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