Many of the images shown on this site are available as prints.

They can be used for wall decor for your home, your office, or as gifts. We can even do pre-paid gift certificates, see specifics on FAQ page.

And the prices are very reasonable for this type of Fine Art photography.

Just click on this link below to order, or just to see how it works:

From there you can browse the images which are available. You will see your options of print sizes and products, prices and delivery options.


5" x 7" prints are $10 each

8" x 10" prints are $30 each

11" x 14" prints are $59 each

Shipping begins at $4.49 First Class, for up to five 8 X 10s, or twenty five 5 x 7s. Larger prints are more.

And we occasionally have quantity discounts or special offers, which could lower the price.

These prices are for a print, and do not include matting or framing.

As we said, these prices for this type of art are very reasonable. But don't think that the quality is anything less that superb. It is interesting that we sell many more prints at art galleries and at shows. I believe it is because the customers can see and preceive the high quality of these prints, which doesn't come through on the website images because quality is reduced for space and speed.

All of the order fulfillment is handled by Printroom. They provide the highest quality prints (see specifics on FAQ page), process credit card orders, provide excellent and quick service and a money back guarantee. They do all of our printing services, including the products we offer at art galleries and art and craft shows.

If there is an image on our web site that is not available at the order site, please contact us and we will upload it. It would be available in a day or two.

We will also back our products with a guarantee, beyond the Printroom quarantee. Printroom guarantees the print quality and delivery service. If you are not pleased with the print for any other reason (see more details on the FAQ page), contact us for an exchange or refund. So shop with complete confidence that you will get the finest product available with the least amount of problems or hassle.


Wouldn't it be great to give a gift print from The Creator's Fingerprints. It would show that you are giving a very personal gift and that you have great taste. But you are not sure what your friend or relative would like, which image they would appreciate on their wall (it's such a personal taste thing). How can you work it all out?

With a Photo Pass Gift Card. You pre-pay for any size print(s) you want to give and pre-pay for shipping (if you want). Then we would send you a coupon number by e-mail which could be used right away. And we would mail you a Photo Pass, which is a coupon printed on 3.5"x5.0" photographic paper which can be given as a gift. To arrange for a gift card, just . We would determine the amount (no extra markups over the regular prices), then you would then send us payment (see PayPal "Donate" below, includes credit card or PayPal payments), we would then submit the gift card through

When your gift recipient goes to our online gallery to order (info is on the card), they will simply input on the "Shipping Address" page the unique coupon number printed on the Photo Pass. The gift recipient will receive a credit for the value of the Photo Pass and only pay for any items ordered in excess of the value of the Photo Pass.

Each Photo Pass is a ONE TIME USE COUPON. This means that once your gift recipient has used the Photo Pass, it will be retired and cannot be used again even if the full value of the Photo Pass is not redeemed. Please make sure to inform your gift recipient of this feature. The expiry date printed on each Photo Pass will indicate when the card expires, which we usually set at two months.

We have had many happy gift recipients with Photo Pass cards. We give them out at Christmas. It's easy and makes for a unique gift idea.

Businesses could give these out as incentives, awards or a thank-you, to employees, suppliers or customers. It's better than a calendar.

We also have the ability to put the images on coffee cups, T-shirts, puzzles, coasters, greeting cards , note cards and magnets.